Mail Toolbar Uses Anti-Phishing Reputation Database

A new toolbar uses a reputation database to help Outlook and Notes users discover whether mail in their inboxes is a phishing scam.

 By Michael Hall
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Messaging security company CipherTrust has announced the release of an e-mail toolbar designed to help users determine if a message is legitimate or part of a phishing attack.

The TrustedSource Toolbar is available for Microsoft Windows users running Outlook or Lotus Notes, with support for Web mail offerings to follow. It uses CipherTrust's "TrustedSource" reputation database to provide a graphical "reputation indicator" that "[classifies] the reputation of an incoming message in order to immediately identify any potential threats." The reputation engine also analyzes message senders to further determine the reputation of a given message.

In addition, the toolbar provides spam and phishing reporting tools as well as a means to report that a message is legitimate.

CipherTrust's TrustedSource reputation engine assigns scores to each message it processes, and also analyzes the message's sender.

The TrustedSource Toolbar is available immediately for free download at http://research.ciphertrust.com/toolbar. The toolbar is available to all end users regardless of whether they're CipherTrust customers or not.

This article was originally published on Mar 14, 2006
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