Before Trouble Strikes: The Sequel

In part 2, we cover Plan Development and Testing, and Ongoing Maintenance for your disaster recovery plan.

 By Elizabeth Ferrarini
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Plan Development and Testing

Develop Recovery Plan

This document defines the resources, actions, tasks and data required to manage the recovery in the event of an interruption. The plan is designed to assist in restoring the business process within the stated recovery goals. The disaster recovery coordinator should perform these steps assisted by the disaster planning committee as needed.

  1. Objective -- This may have been documented in the Information Gathering phase. Establish information for each business unit
  2. Plan Assumptions
  3. Criteria for invoking the plan
    • Document emergency response procedures to occur during and after an emergency is declared for that business unit, and after the emergency check the building before allowing individuals to enter.
    • Document procedures for assessment and declaring a state of emergency.
    • Document notification procedures for alerting unit all senior management executives, disaster recovery team members, and business unit executives.
    • Document notification procedures for alerting business unit's personnel of alternate location.
  4. Role Responsibilities and Authority
    • Identify disaster recovery team and business unit personnel.
    • Recovery team description and charge
    • Recovery team staffing
    • Transportation schedules for media and teams
  5. Procedures for operating in contingency mode
    • Process descriptions
    • Minimum processing requirements
    • Determine categories for vital records
    • Identify location of vital records
    • Identify forms requirements
    • Document critical forms
    • Establish equipment descriptions
    • Document equipment -- in the recovery site and in the business unit
    • Software descriptions
    • Software used in recovery and in production
    • Produce logical drawings of communication and data networks in the business unit
    • Produce logical drawings of communication and data networks during recovery
    • Vendor list
    • Review vendor restrictions
    • Miscellaneous inventory
    • Communications needs -- production and in the recovery site
  6. Resource plan for operating in contingency mode
  7. Criteria for returning to normal operating mode
  8. Procedures for returning to normal operating mode
  9. Testing and Training
    • Document testing data
    • Complete disaster/disruption scenarios
    • Develop action plans for each scenario
  10. Plan Maintenance
    • Document maintenance review schedule (yearly, quarterly, etc.)
    • Maintenance review action plans
    • Maintenance review recovery teams
    • Maintenance review team activities
    • Maintenance review/revise tasks
    • Maintenance review/revise documentation
  11. Appendices for inclusion
    • Inventory and report forms
    • Maintenance forms
    • Hardware lists and serial numbers
    • Software lists and license numbers
    • Contact list for vendors
    • Contact list for all staff with telephone numbers for home, work numbers, cell phone, and pager
    • Network schematic diagrams
    • Equipment room floor grid diagrams
    • Contract and maintenance agreements
    • Special operating instructions for sensitive equipment
    • Cellular telephone inventory and agreement
This article was originally published on Jul 13, 2001
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