IT Pros Concerned About Virtual Security

But action doesn't seem to follow, according to a recent survey.

 By Sue Poremba
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Auditing Abilities Lacking

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Only 19.5 percent were satisfied with the logging and auditing capabilities for their virtual environment compared with 53.1 percent satisfied with the logging and auditing in the non?virtual environment.

In the rush to virtualization, security seems to be an afterthought, according to a survey of 302 IT professionals by security vendor Prism Microsystems. Though these pros seem aware of the dangers that come with virtualization, many are using get-by strategies and failing to heed best practices. Those practices could prove to be costly in the end – especially if there's a data breach. That's why, with money so tight, Prism Microsystems' Steve Lafferty, VP of marketing, advocates for a "single point of control to seamlessly monitor the entire IT infrastructure, from the physical to the virtual.�

This article was originally published on Jun 16, 2010
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