Microsoft Looking to Target Other Botnets with Legal Action

Microsoft is looking to try the same approach for other botnets.

 By Kara Reeder
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Microsoft recently won a court order to cut off 277 .com domains associated with the Waledac botnet. It's unclear what effect the move has had on the botnet, reports Computerworld.

Symantec's MessageLabs says:

There's been no real noticeable effect of the takedown. It's one of the smallest botnets out there, and the court order appears to have had very little effect on its output.

But Microsoft remains confident in its approach, and says in addition to the court order it is taking other measures to shut down Waledac. According to T.J. Campana, a senior program manager Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit:

In addition to the legal action against the domains, we have taken other technical measures. At this point, we're still working that angle and actively adapting our measures.

The company is looking to try the same approach for other botnets. Richard Boscovich, senior attorney with Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, says:

Each botnet is different, of course, but this is another arrow in the quiver. This is not the last [effort].... We have other operations on the drawing board.

This article was originally published on Mar 1, 2010
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