Mozilla Patches 13 Firefox Vulnerabilities

Eleven of the bugs are rated as "critical," one as "high" and one as "moderate."

 By Kara Reeder
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Mozilla has addressed 13 vulnerabilities in Firefox, reports Computerworld. Eleven are rated as "critical," one as "high" and one as "moderate." They are designated for Firefox 3.6.13 and Firefox 3.5.16.

The patches fix browser engine memory bugs, buffer and integer overflows, and a location bar SSL spoofing flaw. It also addresses a bug first patched in March that Mozilla said did not affect Firefox 3.6. It turns out it does, and the new patch now applies to both Firefox 3.5 and 3.6.

 The patches come as Microsoft announces a monster update for its December Patch Tuesday.



This article was originally published on Dec 10, 2010
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