Symantec Warns of South Africa Cyber Security Risks

South Africa risks creating a "perfect storm" for cyber criminals.

 By Kara Reeder
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Symantec is warning that South Africa could be the next global cyber security hub, V3.co.uk reports.

The security firm says that South Africa risks creating a "perfect storm" for cyber criminals because of rising broadband penetration and the World Cup tournament this summer. This may seem like an odd combination, but Gordon Love, regional director for Africa at Symantec, explains:

"Over the years Symantec has seen a surge in malicious activity in countries introducing faster, cheaper and more accessible broadband ... Our research has also shown that events such as the Olympic Games and the Soccer World Cup trigger online fraud, fake web sites, phishing and spam attacks, and hacking."

This article was originally published on Jan 5, 2010
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