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 By Dayna Delmonico
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The Briefing
The product listings which follow include one of each vendors offerings. Most networks represent a combination of technologies, so testing tool will not solve all problems. Fortunately, these vendors generally offer a variety of protocol analyzers as well as other communications test equipment to meet the needs of network managers, and interested buyers should look at the vendors entire product line before making a selection.

Vendor: Agilent Technologies
Product: Agilent Advisor
Network Environment: LAN, WAN, ATM

Vendor: Digitech Industries, Inc.
Product: LAN900
Network Environment: LAN

Vendor: Frontline Test Equipment
Product: SerialBlue Bluetooth Analyzer
Network Environment: Bluetooth/wireless

Vendor: IDS, Inc.
Product: Sherlock WAN Protocol Analyzers
Network Environment: WAN

Vendor: Network Instruments
Product: Observer 7.1
Network Environment: LAN, WAN

Vendor: RADCOM
Product: RC Family
Network Environment: LAN, WAN, ATM, ISDN

Vendor: Shomiti Systems, Inc.
Product: Surveyor 3.2
Network Environments: 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring

Vendor: Sniffer Technologies
Product: Sniffer Portable 4.5
Network Environment: LAN, WAN, ATM

Vendor: Tektronix, Inc.
Product: BPA100 Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
Network Environment: Bluetooth

Vendor: WildPackets, Inc.
Product: EtherPeek
Network Environment: LAN, WAN, Websites
This article was originally published on Aug 7, 2001
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