One Quarter Top-Level Federal Domains Unreachable

Sites have been shut down or consolidated in accordance with plan to drastically cut the federal Web presence.

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Roughly 1,800 top-level federal Web domains shows nearly a quarter of them are now unreachable. The reason, as reported by Next Gov, is that many of those sites have been shut down or that their content has been consolidated into larger sites in accordance with a White House plan to drastically cut the federal Web presence over the coming year.

"In other cases, it could mean the sites were temporarily down during the search or that the collection system made an error, Balter said. He stressed that his analysis tool, which also gathers information about sites' content management systems and the sophistication of their Internet protocol addresses, has not been rigorously tested and that the results are by no means 100 percent accurate.

"Agencies have acknowledged shuttering some sites as part of the website cutting initiative, but so far there's been no central list of closed or consolidated government sites."

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This article was originally published on Sep 13, 2011
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