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Looking for 2014’s best in enterprise network monitoring, security, and cloud backup and collaboration? Here’s what’s new with our picks.

 By Frank Ohlhorst
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NetMotion Wireless Brings Order to Mobility Chaos

What we said: NetMotion’s Locality cellular network performance management suite offers visibility into mobile workforce connectivity issues.

What’s New:

Now in version 2.1, NetMotion has added to Locality several critical features, such as GIS integration, GPS Metrics and an enhanced HTML-5 based console. Those improvements come on top of the enhancements offered by version 2.03, which added on-premise deployment support via a virtual appliance, enhanced native client authentication and an increase in support from 2000 to 15000 agents.

Summed up, NetMotion Locality 2.1 offers much more data on mobile devices, which can be tied into GIS maps and offer much more data via GPS data stream captures. 

Bitglass Supercharges BYOD and Cloud App Security

What we said: Bitglass aims to unify cloud application security with mobile device management, plugging two of the biggest security holes in the enterprise.

What’s New:

Since the company's launch out of stealth at the end of January 2014, the Bitglass solution has been expanded dramatically, continuing to execute on the company vision of providing total data protection outside the firewall, focusing on the four primary areas of potential data leakage as data moves beyond the corporate network with cloud and mobile: In the cloud, at access, on devices, and from the corporate network.

The initial release of Bitglass focused primarily on access and device security across cloud and mobile, both of which have been extensively expanded to include data leakage prevention, file encryption, and sensitive data redaction. These features add to Bitglass' proxy redirect, data tracking/watermarking, and clientless selective wipe features, announced when the company launched.

Two major product releases since initial launch have added protection for corporate data in the cloud and discovery of shadow IT applications on the network. In July, Bitglass released its approach to data protection in the cloud, which gives customers the flexibility of public cloud apps with the security of private cloud data. The September release of Bitglass Cloud Discovery added support for identifying shadow IT applications on the network, the first step that many organizations take before sanctioning and protecting cloud applications with the Bitglass data protection solution.

DB Networks Brings Intelligence to SQL Injection Protection

What we said: You must identify an attack to prevent it. The DB Networks IDS-6300 aims to provide nearly plug-and-play SQL injection attack monitoring.

What’s New:

Previously, DB Networks’ DBN-6300 focused primarily on machine learning and behavioral analysis to immediately and accurately identify SQL injection attacks. Using that as a foundation, the company has expanded into Intelligent Continuous Monitoring of the core network. The DBN-6300 was already doing deep protocol analysis to identify database attacks and garner a wealth of information. Now, that information can be distilled to provide customers with new insights into their core network.

IT staffers now have detailed insights regarding their data-in-motion. For example, the company now provides detailed analysis of the interactions between applications (or other database clients) and their connected databases. That allows the identification of traffic that is crossing into restricted segments in violation of policies, unusual spikes in traffic patterns, access attempts to privileged databases,  and so forth.

Those detailed insights into data-in-motion can also reveal advance persistent threats (APTs) that have slipped through perimeter defenses and are operating with impunity in the core network. Without intelligent continuous monitoring, APTs remain invisible and may go unnoticed for months. Another new capability is the addition of data visualization tools that assist security analysts in identifying unusual activity and ultimately reducing risks. At a glance, they can identify “hot spots” and drill down to gain a far deeper understanding of the situation.

GFI Gives SMEs Enterprise-Class Web Security and Control from the Cloud

What we said: GFI aims to ease cloud security and web filtering for SMEs with GFI Cloud and Web Protection. Frank Ohlhorst reviews.

Whats New:

GFI Cloud is now called CONTROLnow and has become part of the company’s LogicNow hosted management platform. New features now include better integration with the company’s suite of other hosted products, as well as an enhanced dashboard that focuses on centralized control and is fully supported by popular web browsers.

The company has also introduced a web based gathering point called the GFI IdeaFactory, where users can interact with support, make product suggestions and learn about the latest enhancements. That community approach should breed better products and provides a running list of enhancements.  

Network monitoring, security, and cloud solutions are always evolving, with developers working overtime to create new features that address emergent concerns. When added to a solid foundation, these new features can often make a good product great.

What are the best products you’ve come across in 2014?

This article was originally published on Dec 31, 2014
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