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 By Hallett German
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Staff and Organizational Concerns

Because so many systems administrators are concerned with the hardware, network, and software requirements, many admins overlook organizational concerns. Not having the right staff or training in place can be just as devastating to a project as a poor hardware configuration decision. Some guidelines to consider include:

  1. Early training of the migration staff team, including the decision-makers, is extremely important. A trained team can make informed decisions, anticipate user needs, and avoid possible bottlenecks.

  2. Before your delegation model is even started, decide which organizations and individuals will be administrators over which attributes and users. Plan ahead in order to preempt political decisions from bogging down the technical ones.

  3. You can never communicate too much on any project. Provide continuous updates and set expectations for the phase(s) to come.


As you can see, the decision to migrate your NT servers to 2003 is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. With the information outlined above, you should be able to start planning your migration with aplomb. Future articles will cover additional details of how to design, implement, and address post implementation concerns.

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Beth Cohen is president of Luth Computer Specialists, Inc., a consulting practice specializing in IT infrastructure for smaller companies. She has been in the trenches supporting company IT infrastructure for over 20 years in a number of different fields including architecture, construction, engineering, software, telecommunications, and research. She is currently consulting, teaching college IT courses, and writing a book about IT for the small enterprise.

Hallett German is an IT consultant who will soon launch Alessea Consulting, a company focusing on network identity and electronic directories/messaging consulting. He has twenty years experience in a variety of IT positions and in implementing stable infrastructures. He is the founder of the Northeast SAS Users Group and former President of the REXX Language Association. Hal is the author of three books on scripting languages. He is always on the lookout for challenging opportunities that will expand his directory, networking, and security skills.

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This article was originally published on Sep 3, 2003
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