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 By Carla Schroder
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Securing Windows

The fun is not over. Keeping Windows patched and updated is important, yet not foolproof. I cannot count the number of times installing a patch or upgrade created new problems. Regardless, keeping up-to-date is important. See Windows Update for Windows patches and updates. (Amusingly, you'll find the site proclaims that "Windows Update can only be accessed by Internet browsers that support ActiveX Controls.")

Windows installs with file extensions hidden by default. Turn this back on, duh; if you can't see the file extension, how can you tell what it is? This particular command gets moved around on different versions of Windows. Try My Computer => Tools => Folder Options => View. Un-check "Hide file extensions for known file types." Set it to "Show hidden files and folders" and "Display the full path on the title bar/address bar."

Eyes and Ears Open

Finally, make sure your abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses are working, and even better, being read by real live humans. If something malicious is being spewed forth from your systems, the unhappy recipients need to be able to tell you.

Well I don't know about you, but I feel pretty tired after all that. This column was brought to you by Libranet Debian Linux 2.7, Abiword, and Kmail.


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This article was originally published on Sep 8, 2003
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