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 By Al Gallant
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Part 2:  Technology


Just a quick aside, I was pleased with the use of technology by most of the vendors on the show floor. The advent of the flat panel displays made a significant impact at this event. Most vendors were using them in their booths. They are extremely practical and take less space in the booth. They weigh less reducing shipping weight and lowering shipping cost. The flat panel displays have really come-of-age. Everything about them, flicker free viewing, crisp sharp images, high resolution, and size of the viewing window, makes them a smart choice.

As I said earlier, I was encouraged and pleased with the N+I 1999 event. It was overflowing with new technologies and products but time was not sufficient to get a good handle on everything. There were over 500 vendors displaying their products on the show floor. The vendor exhibit was only opened three days, two days from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and one day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I haven't met a person who could cover 500 booths in that amount of time.

My focus for the show was to concentrate on a few network technologies. My goals were: to see what progress had developed with gigabit Ethernet over copper (IEEE standard 802.3ab), to seek out the vendors who are pushing the network technology envelope to see what they were concentrating on for their research and development, and to see who was making the biggest impact in convergence technologies. I was not disappointed.

My vendor dance card looked like this. Tuesday September 14th I met with Imation, SysKonnect, Arescom, Phobos, Recourse Technologies, Comdisco, HP, Sun, and Intel. Wednesday September 15th I met with Broadcom, Ariel, Intel (again), 3Com, Avesta, and Cabletron. Thursday September 16th I met with GEA, Cisco, InteropNet Labs, and a host of convergence vendors.

This article was originally published on Sep 24, 1999
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