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$50 to $100

CyberTool 41 Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox
Available at Dom's Outdoor Outfitters

With this 43-tool Swiss Army Knife and a little creativity, you could sustain yourself indefinitely in the most hostile coporate or natural environments. Around the office, we particularly like the hex sockets (4 and 5mm), Torx bits (#8, #10, and #15), and Pozidrive bits (#0 and #1).

For electronics or LAN emergencies, this knife gives you a wire stripper, crimper, and cutter to get the job done. Oh yeah, knife blades and a life time warranty are also included.

Cool-It Personal Fridge
Available at Think Geek

Tired of running to the company fridge and finding that the only thing left is the unsweetened grapefruit juice? Stick the Cool-It under your desk and stock it with a 6-pack of your favorite rocket fuel. There are no loud compressors to distract your train of thoughtthe Cool-It operates on the Peltier effect, so electricity is only needed to run the fan. The fridge is plastic and includes a removable shelf and a car power adapter (AC adapter sold separately). It's just 10 inches tall x 7 inches wide x 10 inches deep, so you could even put it on top of your desk--but it would probably get raided just like the company fridge.

Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse
Available at Think Geek

It can't be all work and no play. That's why the Razer Boomslang was invented. This tightly packaged set of advanced technologies will give you the edge in your next Tribes tournament.

The Razer uses a focused light beam that bounces off the encoder wheel to deliver operational resolutions from 1,000 to 2,000 DPI (conventional mice top out at 450). An onboard 6 MIPS chip pumps the data through a USB port.

PS/2 versions are also available, although performance suffers accordingly.

$100 to $200

LEGO & Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set
Available at LEGO

Remember when Fisher Price released a $100 video camera? If you missed an opportunity to buy one, don't make the same mistake again. The LEGO Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set is a major step up in technology and a future collectors' item. The set includes a video camera, LEGO movie set, and editing software.

The digital PC movie camera has a built-in microphone and can capture both full-motion video (30 frames per second) and still shots (yes, you can do stop-motion animation!) with a manual focus that can handle objects from one inch away to infinity. The camera comes with a 15-foot cable that attaches to your computer's USB port.

The LEGO movie set includes a large assortment of LEGO blocks, several LEGO actors and stuntmen, a momma T-Rex and a baby T-Rex, and lots of little gadgets to help you make your movies look real.

The video editing software is so simple, even an 8-year-old genius can use it. It enables you to create titles, rearrange the order of your scenes, add sound effects, and do just about everything else you would expect. The set works with any PC running Windows 98 Second Edition or Millenium Edition that also has a USB port.

This article was originally published on Dec 19, 2000
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