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Blackberry RIM 957 Wireless Handheld (U.S. and Canada only)
Available at Blackberry

The Blackberry is the finest wireless e-mail device available today. Powered by an Intel 386 and 5 MB of flash memory, it is definitely faster than your average Palm Pilot (although the Blackberry's organizer software isn't nearly as good). The keyboard is mighty small, but useable. It runs on an internal lithium battery and one AA battery. It's also small enough and light enough to fit in your pocket.

A monthly wireless subscription fee costs extra.

$1,000 to $5,000

Available from Sony

And you thought Blade Runner was science fiction! This robotic pet dog can be trained to react to your voice or play ball with you, and it will develop a personality depending on the type of interactions you have with it.

If you don't want AIBO to act autonomously, you can buy the AIBO wireless LAN card and programming kit to take direct control of its actions. But Sony goes out of its way to hide technical info about this pet, so we're not going to spoil the fun, either. It's best to see AIBO in action at a Sony Style or Sharper Image store near you.

ThinkPad X
Prices start at $1,999
Available from IBM

Three words: Titanium composite cover. Ordinarily that's the only thing needed to get our "geekdar" going. But the ThinkPad X Series offers a lot more attention-getting features.

First, it's really light, with a travel weight that starts at 3.1 lb. Second, it's really slim, only about 1 inch thick. Third, it's got great battery life, nearly 4 hours. And new mobile processors are sure to up this notebook's power savings.

Need we say more?

Sony Vaio-GT1
Available from Dynamism

There's no arguing that this is an odd looking piece of machinery, but the GT1 is a hybrid computer and digital video camera guaranteed to make even the most technically gifted of your friends happy. This system captures photos as well as full video with sound. The camera is a 680,000-pixel CCD variable aperture with zoom. The screen rotates and swivels so that it can be positioned behind the camera, giving the user a large, clear view of the images being captured.

This system is also a notebook computer that uses the Transmeta 600mhz Crusoe chip for accelerated performance and battery life of up to 17 hours. Also included is a 20 GB hard drive and 128 MB RAM. The GT1 also has Firewire, USB, mini-VGA, and NTSC ports, as well as a memory stick. And at 2.42 pounds, it's pretty easy to carry.

This article was originally published on Dec 19, 2000
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