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 By Brien M. Posey
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When Replication Fails Completely

Earlier, I discussed the concept of a preferred bridgehead server.

As I mentioned, the bridgehead server is the contact point for intersite replication. In some cases, you'll need to consider more than just performance issues when selecting a bridgehead server. If a firewall stands between your sites, you may need to make the firewall PC the bridgehead server--otherwise, the firewall may block replication traffic. This is especially true of Microsoft's Proxy Server.

Replication may also fail if the sites you're trying to replicate aren't linked properly. This may be the result of choosing an incorrect site link for a site, or it could be caused by failure to create a site link bridge. If you're having such a problem, check out the previous articles in this series for more information on these topics. //

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This article was originally published on Oct 30, 2000
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