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 By R. Paul Martin
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So the answer to the question of who needs remote storage may be just about everyone. For large businesses that can handle the capital outlay for hardware, maintenance and software it's a necessity and most already do it. For middling companies that can afford vendors to handle remote storage it's an equal no brainer. For the SOHO and the backup conscious individual there are some details that have to be figured out, but as DSL and other broadband technologies spread the prospect of putting significant amounts of important data into remote storage within a reasonable amount of time becomes more attractive. The ROI of not losing days or weeks of work from some sort of disaster can be enormous, and then there's the peace of mind you get from knowing that your most critical data is safe.

R. Paul Martin has been a network administrator for a Fortune 100 company. He works as a freelance writer and as a technology consultant.

This article was originally published on Jun 15, 2001
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