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 By Alex Goldman
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Threshold Networks estimates the Return on Investment on its EDGE IP this way:

  • It takes at least 15 minutes to manually assign an IP address. For an average network of 10,000 nodes, changing the address schema can take 2500 man-hours. This represents approximately $116,250 in labor costs based on industry standards. Additional troubleshooting costs for this network can average 10 percent, or 1000 IP address issues referred to the help desk each year.
  • The industry statistics on the manual rate of error for entering data is 3 percent. For 10,000 IP addresses entered, 300 will have undetected errorseach capable of bringing down workstations or portions of the network.

Threshold Networks provides a handy ROI Analyzer. We put it to work analyzing a network of 10,000 nodes. The analyzer calculates that a network paying its admins $50 per hour would save $79,583 in its first year of use. A network utilizing only 1000 IP addresses with admins earning $25 per hour, would save $3,979 in its first year.

Of course, Threshold's ROI Analyzer assumes that all installations are performed flawlessly the first time ... so savings could be even greater than calculated.

You'll need to evaluate the benefits of this product according to the design of your own network. For smaller networks, upgrading to a Windows 2000 Server could provide your ISP with many of the benefits Threshold provides.

Pricing and Availability
EDGE IP is available now. The price is $4,995 plus $3 per node for a 1,000 node network, bulk per-node pricing is also available for larger networks.

This article was originally published on Jul 11, 2001
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