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 By Dayna Delmonico
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Wireless Network Devices
Company: 3Com 
Product: AirConnect Products
Product type: Wireless LAN Access Point
Approximate Price: $995
Web Information:  www.3com.com/products/

Product: Wireless LAN PC Cards
Approximate Price: $199 - $259.00
Web Information:  www.3com.com/products/

Company: Agere Systems
Product: ORiNOCO Wireless Products
Product Type: Wireless LAN Access Point for SOHO
Web Information: www.orinocowireless.com

Company: BreezeCOM
Product: BreezeNET PRO.11 Indoor; BreezeNET DSS.11 Indoor
Product Type: Wireless enterprise network and solutions
Web Information: www.breezecom.com/Products

Product: BreezeNET Pro.11 Outdoor; BreezeNET DSS.11 Outdoor
Product Type: Wireless broadband enterprise networking 
              products for campuses and remote sites
Web Information: www.breezecom.com/Products

Company: Cisco 
Product: Aironet 350 Series
Product Type: Wireless LAN client adapters and access points

Product: Aironet 340 Series
Product Type: Wireless LAN Solution
For in-building and building-to-building
Web Information: www.cisco.com/warp/public/cc/pd/witc/ao350ap/

Company: Intel
Product: PRO/Wireless 2011
Product Type: LAN Access Point
Web Information: www.intel.com/network/connectivity/products/

Company: Intermec
Product: MobileLAN Card 11
Product Type: Wireless LAN PC Card
Web Information: home.intermec.com/eprise/main/Internecc/Content/Products

Company: MobileStar
Product: Star DS/FH Network Card
Product Type: Wireless Network Adapter
Web Information: www.mobilestar.com

Company: Nokia Wireless LAN Solutions
Product: A020/A030 Wireless LAN Access Points
Product Type: Wireless Access Point
Web Information: www.nokia.com/networks/wireless_lan/

Company: Proxim
Product:  RangeLAN-DS Products
Product Type: Wireless LAN PC Cards; Access Points
Web Information:  www.proxim.com/products/rlds/index.shtml

Company: Symbol Technologies
Product: Spectrum24
Product Type: Wireless LANs
Web Information: www.symbol.com/products/wireless/

Wireless Network Software
Company: NetMotion Wireless
Product: NetMotion Mobility Solution
Product Type: WLAN performance/management 
Approximate Price: $4,900 for 25 users
Web Information: www.nmwwco.com

Company: Symbol Technologies
Product: SpectrumSoft
Product Type: Network Management Suite
Web Information: www.symbol.com/products/wireless

Company: Wavelink Corp.
Product: Wavelink Mobile Manager
Product Type: Enterprise Wireless Network Management 
Web Information: PDF file

Company: WildPacket
Product: AiroPeek Wireless Protocol Analyzer
Product Type: Protocol Analyzer for wireless networks
Web Information: www.magellan-net.de/wildpackets/airopeek.html
This article was originally published on Jul 16, 2001
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