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 By Drew Bird
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  • Maintain the relationship.   Once you have chosen a reseller, maintain the relationship and encourage the reseller to do the same. Make sure that any issues that come up are flagged and dealt with. If you feel that the service level from the reseller is not meeting your expectations, let them know about it. It may be an isolated incident or even a misunderstanding. Likewise, make sure that your side of the relationship is maintained. Return cross-shipped goods promptly, pay invoices on time, and treat the reseller's staff with the respect.
  • Be prepared to pay for what you get.   If a company offers the levels of service and support described above, and they deliver, be prepared to pay higher prices for the goods and services you buy. In the final analysis, an extra buck here and there will probably pay you back tenfold. One hour of downtime saved by the actions, staff and stock of a top quality dealer is probably worth more than every extra dollar you will pay when buying equipment.

Building a strong relationship with a reseller is a time investment, but one that will pay dividends in the future. In times of need, a good reseller can be your best friend. Equally, a bad one can be your worst enemy. Take the time to find that right company and one of the most important pieces of the IT management jigsaw will be in place.

This article was originally published on Aug 21, 2001
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