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 By Lynn Haber
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Sorting Through The Confusion
As is the case in many emerging markets, potential customers will find dozens of vendors playing in the MSP space. The market is comprised of many well-funded start-ups, as well as, more traditional IT players like IBM Global Services, network and systems management vendors like BMC Software and Internet performance monitoring companies such as Keynote Systems Inc. Some of the newer players include Silverback, Nuclio Corp., InterOPS, Totality Corp and SevenSpace Inc., to name a handful.

Shoppers can also expect to see the MSP market consolidate over the next 12 months.

The good news, according to Gartner's Nicolett is that MSPs are maturing offering more solid sales packaging and automated processes.

Still, companies are advised to mitigate their risks by checking out the finances and viability of any company they're thinking about doing business with. "We had to get references and find a partner we can trust," says DiNicola, adding that, "after all, they're an extension of our team."

Lynn Haber writes on business and information technology from Norwell, MA.

This article was originally published on Aug 29, 2001
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