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 By Lisa Phifer
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Other 802.11 standards are extending the 802.1x framework to build wireless authentication above the MAC level, supporting further authentication types, and improving WEP encryption. Agere is actively involved in these effortsnew 802.11i standards and market demand can be expected to influence AS-2000 evolution.

The Bottom Line
If you're entering the Wi-Fi world and concerned about security or session accounting, take a good look at the ORiNOCO AS-2000. Whether you're a university, enterprise, or public Internet access provider, this platform overcomes wireless administration, security, and accounting issues by leveraging RADIUS and DHCP servers that may already exist in your network. If strong security and accounting are not among your requirements, consider products in the ORiNOCO access point line, starting with the AP-500. Based on our experience, environments with Windows 95/98/ME clients will have the smoothest rideNT shops may wait for kinks to be ironed out.

This article was originally published on Sep 7, 2001
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