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 By Elizabeth Ferrarini
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What questions should you ask the vendor references?

  • Did the vendor deliver the unit on time to you?
  • Did the installation go smoothly?
  • Are you satisfied with performance, service?
  • What are the products strengths and or weaknesses?
  • Did you have any problems with activating the unit? Results?
  • Describe your experiences testing the devices? Results?
  • Why did you select the vendor and the particular device? What other vendors' devices did you consist?
  • What did your selection process entail?
  • Did you get a good deal or were you sold a bill or goods?

What things should you double check?

  • A UPS should supply the load with an ideal sine wave or stepped wave output. Square sine waves can damage loads or cause malfunctions.
  • Determine the transfer time when switching to battery power. Although most UPS's have transfer times of two milliseconds or less, transfer time of even half a second can cause computer failure.
  • If you're getting extended battery run time, make sure you're not over-buying in terms of kVA.
  • Don't mistake TVSS surge suppression for power conditioning.

What steps should you take before you seal the deal?

  • Involve the appropriate operations and facilities management personnel in equipment evaluation and selection.
  • Create a features matrix accounting for all possible offering, for at-a-glance comparison of all models being considered.
  • Once you have narrowed your choices, get a demonstration of each unit.

This article was originally published on Nov 7, 2001
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