5 Security Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi

With a growing number of retailers offering free
wi-fi, it is important for people to take extra caution in securing their information. In an article presented on Black Web, public wi-fi security tips are offered to consumers who utilize the free access points. Having no control over a free wireless network makes all transmissions at risk.

“For example, just a few months ago, Starbucks began offering free (with no registration required) unlimited Wi-Fi at all of its locations. Offering this service to customers makes sense because they increasingly expect it to be there. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Wi-Fi Alliance found that millennials (people ages 17 to 29) find it hard to maintain relationships without access to Wi-Fi. If a place of business doesn’t provide wireless access, than young people will probably go elsewhere. So, free Wi-Fi is something that people, especially young ones, place a high premium.”

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