Advanced Packet-Intelligent Product Offered

ONPATH Technologies and Simena, LLC, announced a strategic partnership to add the industry’s lowest latency aggregation, filtering, and monitoring switch, the Simena Packet Flow Switch (PFS) into ONPATH’s UCS suite. As reported on PR Newswire, the PFS is designed to help users increase productivity in monitoring and troubleshooting, by providing flexibility with test configurations through the use of existing network tools, and saving valuable SPAN ports on switches.

“’Our partnership with ONPATH will provide the opportunity for entry into broader solutions,’ said Sezen Uysal, President of Simena. ‘Simena’s unique approach to the PFS enables us to easily and quickly add new features and functionality to adapt to customer needs. Offering the PFS as part of the UCS family ensures that customers can monitor their network application performance at a higher level, with complete confidence, lowest latency, and ultimate accuracy.’”

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