Advantech, NetLogic Announce 40Gbps AdvancedTCA Platform

A press release on announced the release of a 40-Gbps AdvancedTCA (ATCA), which will be the most advanced in the industry. The result of a collaboration between Advantech and NetLogic Microsystems, the new solution will meet the requirements of tier one OEMs and support systems that have as many as 14 blades per chassis. It will be capable of delivering exceptional control plane and data performance, and will be able to support billions of packet descriptions as well as in-flight messages.

“Advantech’s ATCA-7410 is designed to support the new 40-Gbps ATCA standards and is targeted at LTE enhanced packet core (EPC) gateways, service routers, metro ethernet, access aggregation, mobile backhaul systems and network security platforms. Building on the success of its Packetarium(TM) portfolio that uses NetLogic Microsystems’ XLR multi-core processors, the ATCA-7410 extends Advantech’s packet processing offering to the ATCA form factor to enable greater scalability and higher availability for OEMs building state-of-the-art networking equipment.”

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