AirLive Announces 2T2R Wireless Router

AirLive has recently introduced the latest 2T2R Wireless Router 300Mbps with GW-300NAS Gigabit LAN ports and Gigabit WAN port. In its news release on My Solution Info, AirLive said that the router is designed specifically for demanding users in the SOHO segment, who have long been high-speed Internet but still could not find an efficient router which is able to handle the link.

“AirLive GW-300NAS is easy to set up a comprehensive solution for frequent users of the Internet, for which speed and reliability of the connection is a priority and looking for easy to use solution. There is built-in USB port supporting mass storage and external hard drives in the standards – FAT16/FAT32, EXT2, NTFS (Read only). This opens up the possibilities of the router because it can be used as a Samba server, or more, as the FTP server. Additional functionality is built into the router agent downloading from the Internet compatible with BitTorrent, and eMule. Airlive GW-300NAS includes programmable calendar.”

Read the Full Story at My Solution Info

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