AirTight to Host Wireless Security Demonstrations at CSI 2010

AirTight Networks announced it is hosting two sessions on wireless security at the CSI 2010 Conference held this week at Washington National Harbor, MD.
As noted in this release on Market Watch, Research done by Gopinath KN, Director of Engineering, and Prabhash Dhyani, Sr. Wireless Security Researcher at AirTight is discussed in the presentation entitled ‘Wireless Tsunami: How to Hold onto Your Enterprise Security Perimeter’. The presentation focuses on the use of smartphones as attackers to Wi-Fi networks. Mr. Gopinath presents the session entitled ‘How to De-DoS Your Wireless LANs’ which addresses the various tools and techniques available to fight layer-1 and layer-2 Wi-Fi DoS attacks and presents best practices to De-DoS your WLAN.

“‘IT professionals concerned about smartphone security now have a new story to think about — the smartphone as attacker rather than the victim of hackers. Our research demonstrates how a smartphone can easily compromise a WLAN,’ said Gopinath.
'Smartphone threats which were envisioned just a few years ago can now be
reality. Indeed, the consumer-ization of wireless and its inevitable entry into the enterprise with employees mixing business and personal information on one device has created new security risks which need to be addressed. Our research addresses what new wireless intrusion and extrusion scenarios are possible because of this unprecedented convergence, what threats matter most and how to protect against them.'”

Read the Full Release at Market Wire

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