AirWatch Releases Mobile Device Management 5.12

In an article on the company’s website, AirWatch announced the commercial availability of AirWatch 5.12 which allows IT to secure, monitor, manage and support corporate-liable and employee-liable iOS 4 devices in an enterprise environment. This new version of AirWatch enables IT to update and manage mobile assets remotely, protect sensitive corporate data, monitor compliance with corporate policies, secure access to enterprise resources and provide a robust support experience for users.

” In addition, AirWatch 5.12 gathers critical device and network information for complete mobile asset management. With AirWatch, IT administrators can view and audit device configuration and provisioning profiles, certificates, restrictions, apps and security information. AirWatch 5.12 does not require a device agent for iOS 4 and the solution’s MDM capabilities run in the background with no impact on the end user.
‘The global response to our support of Apple’s iOS 4 from businesses of all sizes has been tremendous, and we are thrilled to provide IT departments with the functionality needed to securely manage iOS 4 devices in an enterprise environment,’ says John Marshall, AirWatch’s CEO. ‘AirWatch’s rapid deployment capabilities are a critical differentiator. Regardless of the deployment chosen, many times our team can have a customer up and running in only one business day, with all devices compliant with IT policies.’”

Read the Full Article on the company’s website Air

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