Altor V4 Offers Network Security in Virtualized Environments

Security in virtualized environments presents a number of interesting challenges including IT architect and where security should be applied. This ZDNet review suggests that while one approach is to put the entire network behind a firewall, that may not deal with virtual server to virtual server network traffic within the data center. Altor's
approach is to control the network that the physical and virtual machines are using.

“What’s new in version 4 of Altor's product is that the company is offering its security software encapsulated in a virtual machine. It also helps protect against attacks targeting the hypervisor as well.

“Altor V4 is VMware VMsafe Certified and can protect each virtual server and the hypervisor. Their product secures these virtual servers even if they’ve migrated somewhere else. It also detects new virtual machines as their started up. Furthermore, the software is also tightly integrated with Juniper’s physical network security as well.”

Read the Full Story at ZDNet Virtually Speaking

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