An Elastic Approach to Managing Data

The continuous growth of data has the IT industry is struggling with ways to cope with the storage
management. As mentioned on this CTO Edge report, one of those new approaches is an open source file system from Gluster Technologies. The basic idea is to layer an open source file system on top of industry standard Intel servers to create a network attached storage (NAS) system.

“Gluster Technologies CEO Ben Golub says this creates a truly elastic file system that doesn’t need to rely on metadata managed by an object-file system that requires changes to applications, or tweaks to existing file systems that only scale so far on expensive, proprietary NAS hardware.

“Golub sees the Gluster File Systems as part of a wave of open source technologies that are changing the economics of IT. Data storage remains one of the last bastions of proprietary technology that Gluster Technologies wants to breach.”

Read the Full Story at CTO Edge

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