ANXeBusiness Acquires TruArx

A press release on reported on the acquisition of TruArx Inc. by ANXeBusiness Corp. This is the company’s third security-related acquisition this year, and will allow ANX to further strengthen its position in the compliance and security markets. In the near future, ANX hopes to offer customers a monitoring platform that will allow them to consolidate the numerous activities related to compliance and risk management.

“‘The relationships between IT Security, B2B Collaboration and Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements become more complicated and intertwined daily,’ said Rich Stanbaugh, President & CEO of ANXeBusiness Corp. ‘This acquisition is a strategic move on ANX’s part to deliver a fully integrated, security and compliance monitoring platform that will allow our joint customers to consolidate their compliance and risk management activities. We are very excited about the TruArx products and about the depth of talent we are adding to the ANX team.'”

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