Arista Launches Modular 10 GbE Switch

Arista Networks is launching a new modular 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch at the High Performance Computing Linux Financial Markets trade show in New York. As noted in this report on The Register, The Arista 7500 packs a lot of oomph into a relatively small space, offering 384 wirespeed ports and an aggregate of 10 TBit/sec of capacity for Layer 2/3 switching in an 11U rack-mounted unit.

“With the deep buffers, the error correction on the 7500 has enough data that it doesn’t have to go asking for packets again across the network if something gets scrambled. Also, unlike other modular switches that cram a large number of ports in their leaves and rely on oversubscription of a set amount of bandwidth in the switch’s brains to service those switches, the 7500 has enough switching capacity to feed its ports at linespeed thanks to that 10 TB/sec of fabric capacity. And it does so at an average latency of around 4.5 microseconds on benchmarks using small packet sizes. That’s about one third to one half the latency of competitors’ 10 GE switches.”

Read the Full Story at The Register

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