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 By Richard Adhikari
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Leveraging Microsoft solutions

While there are "a number of large identity vendors in this space" like Oracle, IBM, CA and Sun, "the opportunity for Microsoft is to put together a consistent suite of services around its own domain that the enterprise can leverage for managing Microsoft solutions," he explained.

That's been needed "for some time" and ILM2 not only consolidates Microsoft's own space but gives it the chance to extend to other areas and coordinate its activity with partners, according to Kampmann.

Enterprise identity management players such as Sun, IBM, Oracle, Novell and CA, which just announced some identity management products, have good products but the Microsoft space "does have nuances that require special attention" and Microsoft's partners "recognize that taking care of Microsoft does give you specific benefits, Kampmann said.

One of those partners is Omada, a Microsoft solution provider for advanced role-based access control and compliance.

At Tech-Ed for Professionals, Omada unveiled the enhanced Omada Compliance Reporting Center Module beta 3, which builds on top of ILM2. One of eight modules in the Omada Identity Manager Solution, this makes security audits easier, faster and less expensive while improving the quality of compliance reporting, according to Omada.

The Omada Identity Manager integrates with ILM, Microsoft Active Directory and ERP (define) systems from SAP.

Omada "provides a management solution that leverages Microsoft technologies and understands how to tie them back into the business process," Kampmann said.

Users will be able to host ILM2 on premise or access it in the cloud as a service, and Leland said it will be available in both the physical and virtual environments.

The back story

ILM2 is Microsoft's umpteenth kick at the identity and access management can.

Back in July 2003, it unveiled Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003, which was a revamped version of its Meta Directory Product, and unveiled its Identity and Access Management Solution Accelerator.

The latter was a set of guidelines created jointly with PricewaterhouseCoopers to help enterprises build and test identity management infrastructures.

Microsoft also entered partnerships with security infrastructure specialists and independent software vendors Oblix, now owned by Oracle, and OpenNetworks Technologies, acquired by BMC Software.

At the RSA Conference 2007, Microsoft outlined a roadmap for identity lifecycle management that would combine metadirectory, user provisioning and certificate management capabilities into one solution -- ILM 2007 -- that would be built on the capabilities in MIIS 2003 and Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager.

The public beta of ILM2, beta 3, is late, having originally been scheduled to ship in February 2008 at the RSA Conference 2008, held in San Francisco.

A release candidate of ILM2 will be issued in the fourth quarter, and ILM2 will be released to manufacturing, which means burned on CDs and packaged, in the first quarter of 2009, according to Leland.

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This article was originally published on Jun 11, 2008
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