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 By Richard Adhikari
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Another source of pain

Global enterprises have another source of pain -- they have multiple systems administrators throughout the enterprise, all making policy changes.

This makes it difficult to enforce a comprehensive enterprise-wide set of rules because often the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

In addition to automating policy change and management, both vendors' products help ensure licensing and regulatory compliance by logging all requests and actions taken.

For one thing, enterprises have been clamoring for an automated solution in response to the task of managing software licenses, particularly amid the growing threat of an audit.

Additionally, recent months have seen businesses scrambling to comply with new Payment Card industry (PCI) regulations (such as PCI-DSS)(define), which has proven a major headache for IT admins, Lindstrom said.

"In the enterprise, it makes sense to have the workflow laid out and dedicated to change management, especially with PCI, and it makes things a lot easier to have automation," he said.

The vendors' solutions also check new policies against a rules base to minimize duplication.

"What AlgoSec and Tufin are doing is useful because we now need to make sure that all the rules are aligned with other and not conflicting, or too broad or narrow for their purposes," Lindstrom said.

Added Tufin's Efraim, "This is a big PCI requirement; if there's no business need for a rule you have to get rid of it and rule usage analysis does this."

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This article was originally published on Jun 20, 2008
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