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 By Sean Michael Kerner
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Add Web 2.0 and Saas to the Mix

For Juniper Networks, there is another driving factor that is pushing enterprises toward WAN optimization technology and it has to do with the types of applications that enterprises are now using.

"As Web 2.0 and SaaS usage proliferates, the requirement of optimizing SaaS traffic using Web-Acceleration becomes critical to enable an enhanced end-user experience," Ravi Medikonda, director of marketing for Juniper's service provider business, told InternetNews.com. "We see a great market potential for web-acceleration, growing in conjunction with the SaaS market."


There are however a few potential barriers to adoption for Managed WAN optimization.

"In any emerging, new technology or service area there are always barriers to adoption - with most of these naturally overcome as the market grows and matures," Cisco's Scott said. "Our enterprise marketing programs and teams look to educate enterprises on the benefits of managed services and to articulate the benefit of working with a service provider who offers these services."

Lack of awareness of the impact WAN acceleration is another issue. It is however an issue that can often be dependent on individual circumstances and specific application environment tuning.

"Customers can only see the effect of WAN acceleration after they deploy it in a real customer environment," NTT America's Bloom said. "This is one of the factors that makes the customer hesitant to go with the solution."

Bloom added that try before you buy as well as consulting and performance tuning can be offered to help overcome that issue.

Yet at an even deeper level, the same economic factors that might be driving enterprises toward managed WAN optimization solutions might well also be keeping them away.

"A lot of folks are taking a cautious view right now as they look at the world markets, " Schirman said. "We've seen numbers of companies reporting that they show concern and caution about the customer's ability to spend. Probably more than anything right now that's probably the biggest concern. The economy and its impact on the customer mindset could cause people to defer or delay decisions for the time being."

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This article was originally published on Dec 19, 2008
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