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 By Sean Michael Kerner
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Setting an example

In the current down economy spending by carriers and enterprises is slowing. As such, Johnson announced that Juniper would be cutting its own spending, starting with his own salary.

"I recommended that our executives VP and above take a 5 percent reduction in base salary and I'm taking a 10 percent reduction in my base salary," Johnson said. I think that's reflective of this period where as a company we are going through shared sacrifice, we're asking every employee in our company to do more with less. "

Johnson is confident that his company has what it takes to win more share in the networking market, even amid the current economic slowdown. He said the company is focusing whatever dollars it can realign into further research and development efforts to expand its high performance networking portfolio.

For Johnson it's all about the math behind networking demand; an equation that he first commented on during Juniper's 2008 year end financial results call.

A $50 billion market

The networking business that Juniper is going after is as big as $50 billion a year across both enterprise and service provider networking segments, according to Johnson.

"We are a pure play in high performance networking," Johnson said. "We're not going to get distracted and get off into other areas. We do high performance networking better than anyone on the planet, we're going to focus on what we do well and we're going to do it even better."

Demand on carrier networks continues to grow at a rate that Johnson expects will be doubling ever two years even in the current economy. The carriers need to continue to grow their networks to meet demand and need to increasingly find more cost efficient ways of doing so, which is precisely what Johnson claims Juniper is doing.

Johnson has only been on the job at Juniper since September 2008 when he succeeded Scott Kriens who has remained as the Chairman of Juniper.

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This article was originally published on Feb 25, 2009
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