Platform Providers Claim Cloud Advantage

With so many companies large and small targeting the cloud, the providers of cloud management tools expect to defeat vendors of targeted apps.

 By Alex Goldman
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There's an astonishing quantity of cloud computing-related news this week, but some companies feel they can stand out from the crowd by offering platforms as well.

For example, Platform Computing is today announcing the release of Platform ISF, a private cloud management system that combines reporting, self-service, provisioning, and delivery of servers and connectors with all existing enterprise software.

"This is the most comprehensive end to end private cloud offering I know of," Songnian Zhou, CEO of Platform Computing, told InternetNews.com. "I have been working in the computing management business for 17 years, focusing on data intensive applications," he added.

The product is designed to work with any operating system, virtualization management system, security provisioning system, directory system, reporting and billing system, data management system, management console, and even with custom applications, he added.

"Platform ISF enables applications to run on shared infrastructure driving the higher utilization rates and accordingly the highest ROI across clusters, grids and clouds," he said in a statement.

Zhou said that he sees ISF as reversing what VMware does. Where VMware takes one server and turns it into many, ISF takes many servers and turns them into a single resource pool. It then allocates resources according to company policies and delivers services while also tracking them for both performance and compliance audits.

"Amazon EC2 has no policies. It's like McDonald's where you pay and they give it to you," he said. "We all know what happens if you do that every day for a month."

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This article was originally published on Jun 23, 2009
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