Elance Follows the IT Jobs

With over 60,000 companies in its network and over 157,000 jobs filled in the past year, Elance has some interesting job market data on hand.

 By David Needle
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What tech skills are in demand? One measure comes from Elance, a global online workplace of contract jobs. The company's monthly Top 100 Online Work Index for August, set for official release Tuesday, shows a big jump in several tech-related positions.

The Index ranks skills in demand by Elance clients. Graphic Design comes in at number one followed by PHP, MySQL, Adobe Flash and HTML. Among the biggest gainers are Google Website Optimizer, ranked 31 and up 28 percent. Also up, RSS (ranked 76), Adobe Flex (ranked 59), Linux (ranked 58) skills up 19, 30 and 18 percent respectively.

On the downside, both XML and search engine marketing dropped 17 percent. Demand for Twitter skills (ranked 71) dropped 25 percent. Facebook, ranked 63, saw only a one percent drop.

Elance CEO Fabio Rosati said he isn't surprised by the jump in demand for Google Website Optimizer skills.

"As companies reigned in their online advertising, they are now coming back and looking to do it more efficiently so those skills are coming back," Rosati told InternetNews.com. "The market is starting to reopen and money is coming back for advertising."

Rosati says IT and marketing managers are the two biggest users of Elance. With over 60,000 companies in its network and over 157,000 jobs filled in the past year, the company thought it could surface some interesting data on trends. In February, Elance released its first Top 100 Online Work Index and has been compiling monthly figures since then.

"We think it's a market leading indicator of where the demand is in emerging technology," said Brad Porteus, chief marketing officer at Elance.

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This article was originally published on Aug 11, 2009
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