Athena Offers Free, Open Source Network Tool

Athena Security’s Firewall Browser offers network admins a number of options for troubleshooting on firewalls. According to the
company in its press release on The Open Press, Firewall Browser was developed in the spirit of other free and open source network tools like Nessus or Snort, based on the value that functionally-rich non-commercial alternatives should exist for practitioners.

“Firewall Browser offers capabilities that network/security engineers will want to consult every time a change request is made or whenever troubleshooting on firewalls becomes necessary. The tool immensely eases the challenges to determine if the change is already covered by other rules, understand the impact of modifying objects, identify how existing conventions can be reused to keep the configurations manageable, or the right location for adding the new rule so service availability is maintained to critical hosts.

“Firewall Browser is the first and only tool to provide the powerful ability to: search rulebases based on address or service ranges — the way change requests are actually made, fully explore object hierarchies, among object or from rules, regardless of how deep the values are nested, make searches on a mixed vendor inventory from a single convenient place, and it is for use it on an unlimited number of supported firewalls for unlimited searches — with no license expiration.”

Read the Full Press Release at The Open Press

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