Battle of the Bandwidth and Big Mac Attack Upcoming

SonicWall’s Shubhomoy Biswas offers readers the top five trends to watch for in 2011 in this article presented on CIOL. Not only will the year bring the continued evolution of several major computing trends
— like increased wireless deployment in the enterprise and expanded adoption of virtualization
—  Biswas also suggests that we will begin to see a few new security trends including more malicious attacks on the Apple OS.

“Increased mobility and teleworking will result in wider deployment of portal-based VPNs. A more cognizant business environment will deploy more virtualized applications and services. The struggle for bandwidth will generate need for enhanced application visualization and controls. Networked and mobile Apple devices will become targeted channels of attacks on businesses, and require platform-agnostic security solutions. Moreover, the inevitable shift from network security to information security will demand more powerful, broadly reaching and massively scalable security architecture.”

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