Belden Announces Hirschmann Mach 1040 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Designed for high network availability and operational safety, Belden has announced its new Hirschmann Mach 1040 Gigabit Ethernet Switch. According to the news release on Control Engineering, the Mach 1040 Gigabit Ethernet Switch is a 19-in. rack-mount Layer-2 switch with either 16 front or rear-facing Gigabit Ethernet RJ45/SFP combo ports.

“Dual fault alarm contacts are available for detecting the status of the switch and detailed information can be displayed by means of a standard web browser. Additional management functions include Command Line Interface, Management Information Base, Telnet, HTTP, TFTP as well as SFP Management. In addition, an SNMP interface permits the use of network management software, such as HiVision and HiDiscovery. Media redundancy capabilities, such as Fast Hiper Ring, MRP (IEC ring function), Trunking, Link Aggregation and Rapid Spanning Tree, provide for high network availability. Security mechanisms include access control according to IEEE 802.1x, IP and MAC port security as well as SNMP V3 und SSH.”

Read the Full Story at Control Engineering

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