Belkin Conserve Gateway Router Delivers Energy-Use Details

In a press release issued by Belkin and presented on Coolest Gadgets, the company has released its Conserve Gateway router system. Used along with a smart meter, this system delivers insight into energy usage.
The Conserve Gateway router system tracks and reduces energy use while the
Wi-Fi/Ethernet network interface allows for communicating with cloud-based
device management system

“The protocol used here was informed by extensive ethnographic research which proved most people do not know what a kilowatt-hour (kWh) is and have even less of an idea about where power comes from. The whole idea of the Conserve Gateway router system would be to help you focus on the future, and in this case, energy conservation for the next generation. After all, this makes perfect sense since smart meter installations in homes have been growing over the years, and getting additional help to be able to pinpoint just which are the power guzzlers in your home helps as well.”

Read the Full Release at Coolest Gadgets

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