Blade, Voltaire Speed Network Traffic

According to this Securities Industry News report, Blade Network Technologies and Voltaire plan to announce a partnership that will combine the two companies’ switches. The collaboration will attempt to introduce two tiers of switching, to cut down on the time it takes information to work its way through networks in data centers.

“The approach puts Blade switches at the top of racks in the cabinetry that traders or other financial firms use in data centers. These switches will take traffic from servers and storage units in those routes and sent the data to central switches.

“Those core switches will be Vantage 8500 switches, from Voltaire, a Chelmsford, Mass., company that builds switches for high-performance computing networks and data centers.

“The Blade switches will include its G8124 model, which operates at a peak rate of 10 billion bits a second, and its G8000, which operates at 1 billion bits.”

Read the Full Story at Securities Industry News

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