Blue Coat Announces Reporter 9.2

Blue Coat Systems has recently introduced Reporter 9.2, the newest version of its reporting tool that provides organizations with real-time visibility into security threats, usage trends, errors and streaming traffic. According to the company in its product release statement, Blue Coat Reporter compiles and analyzes log data from Blue Coat ProxySG and ProxyAV appliances, WebFilter and ProxyClient to provide administrators a unified view of Web traffic, usage and potential threats.

“In Reporter 9.2, three new reports extend the ability of security administrators to evaluate risk and quickly identify users with malicious content, including spyware. These reports enhance the existing security analysis that Reporter provides such as reports on malware IDs, IP detail, URL detail and user detail.

“The new potential threats dashboard combines intelligence from Blue Coat ProxyAV appliances with intelligence from Blue Coat WebFilter and the WebPulse service to display information about malware or malicious content that has infected users. The trend of potential threats report lets administrators quickly analyze day-to-day changes in the number of requests to sites categorized as malware or malware-related as well as the number of malware payloads blocked by ProxyAV appliances. The risk groups report enables administrators to group similar categories into a single category such as ‘threat’ or ‘bandwidth usage’ to more quickly identify and manage issues.”

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