Bluesocket Announces VMware Ready Wireless LAN

A press release announced that LAN technology leader Bluesocket has begun offering deployments of wLAN in hypervisor platforms. Users do not need any hardware other than an access point, making Bluesocket’s wLAN solution a first in the industry. Benefits of this virtualized wireless LAN include flexibility, scalability, and lower capital costs.

“With more and more enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, hotels and public locations moving an increasing amount of their applications to hypervisor platforms like VMware™, Bluesocket™ saw a need for vWLAN® to be deployed on the hypervisor. ‘The vWLAN® VMware™ solution enables organizations to add their WLAN environment to their virtualization efforts. Any customer who is deploying VMware™ anywhere in the world can now bring their WLAN solution into their virtualization initiatives. This drives incredible cost efficiencies by removing controllers in the architecture and adding WLAN to where VMware™ has already been implemented.’ Mads Lillelund , CEO of Bluesocket.”

Read the Full Press Release at

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