Breaking Down Traditional Walled Garden Networks

With the walls between work and personal life, home and office, and company-issued laptops and personal smartphones breaking down, as well as unclear boundaries as enterprises increasingly rely on strategic partners, contractors, and service providers for key parts of their supply and support chains, a fundamental rethinking of network security design and internal system defenses is necessary. As reported on Processor, IT managers may be unsure how to make the transition to new, more open and adaptable, yet not overly porous designs from the traditional walled garden network architecture they are familiar with. An examination of the business requirements driving change—the needs of customers, employees, business partners, and SaaS providers to access internal applications and data sources—and how best to accommodate them, is a good start.

“‘Think about [security] policy independent of the technology; [consider] what you want to happen and then how to build it.’ He says that increased mobility is the most pressing challenge to existing security policies and architectures and is thus the best place to start in building a borderless network.”

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