Bringing Network Automation to Virtualized Data Centers

Force10 Networks has announced its network automation webinar for IT managers and network administrators. As presented in an article on TMC Net, Force 10 Networks has a panel of industry experts who will present the Webinar ‘Bringing Network Automation to Virtualized Data Centers’
on October 14, 2010. During this one hour educational session, attendees will
learn how Force10 Open Automation simplifies VM/VLAN migration.

“Server virtualization has become a mainstream technology in data centers. As IT managers extend their virtual environments beyond just servers to storage and networking, they are finding many of the tools they use for physical environments do not work in virtual environments. In this Webinar, you will learn how TBD Network’s VirtualFabric software and Force10’s Open Automation Framework simplify management of virtual environments.”

Read the Full Story at TMC Net

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