BroadSoft Sees Demand for End-to-end VoIP Network Monitoring

BroadSoft has recently announced its customer growth for BroadSoft PacketSmart. As mentioned in its news release, BroadSoft is responding to increased global demand for end-to-end VoIP network monitoring. The company also said that PacketSmart has been selected by InTechnology and Alteva to ensure high quality of service (Qos) and minimize the challenges encountered in the delivery of real-time communication services.

“Both InTechnology and Alteva have already seen PacketSmart help to significantly improve QoS for their customers. BroadSoft PacketSmart is designed to enable service providers and enterprises, to deliver ‘carrier-grade’ service quality all the way into the customer local area network (LAN), even when they do not control the end-to-end network.”

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