Broadview Networks Leverages CNAM Communication Services

After signing with Transaction Network Services’ CNAM service, Broadview Networks observed improvement in Calling Name (CNAM) accuracy. The business communications service provider has been utilizing TNS’ SS7, 800 Toll Free, and CLASS services. As reported on TMC Net, the company is able to deliver an overall improved service experience to its customers because TNS’ CNAM service delivers a highly accurate caller ID service that makes sure fewer calls are being routed into Broadview’s customer care call centers because of unavailable or incorrect CNAM responses.

“‘We have achieved this reputation by ensuring continued investment and setting up market-wide reciprocal agreements to guarantee that authoritative telco data is delivered, meaning more accurate names are available for delivery to caller ID displays. This commitment to authoritative telco data also reduces the associated customer service issues that can result from unavailable or incorrect data responses.’”

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