Carriers Need to Make Network Management Decisions

Traffic management is a timely topic. According to this RCR Wireless report, wireless data traffic continues to skyrocket, thanks to the popularity of smart phones and inexpensive cellular modems, and the proliferation of mobile broadband technologies. The concern raised in
this article is how having regulators — not carriers – making the network management decisions will affect QoS.

“By deciding on traffic techniques carriers can manage their customers experiences. The carrier will have the real time information to choose among techniques, rather than a regulator. The better the technique selected by a carrier, the better it is for most customers, carriers and the entire mobile broadband industry. As an example, imagine a master chef with a limited amount of sirloin steak preparing dinner for many hungry customers. Most customers will be better off if the chef provides a balanced meal of salad-steak-potatoes to all his customers, rather than allow one greedy customer to consume all of the sirloin and serve the other customers a dinner of only salad and potatoes.”

Read the Full Story at RCR Wireless

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